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Our professional engineers will focus on deliver you a highly efficient website or software solution that give your business an edge in your daily basis operations.
We provide software solutions to various industries such as manufacturing , financial, real estate and services, at affordable prices per hour, or per project.

Some of the solutions that we offer:

  • Custom software development
  • Desktop application development
  • Client server application
  • Software maintenance and support

Any software requirement you may have, we will offer you the right solution.

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In a business environment, ensuring that the information is accurate, accessible and secure is a top concern. That’s where ECM could help your organization. From converting paper to electronic files, indexing the files, storing those files in a structured way, and then retrieving them efficiently.
Along with content creation and collaboration to manage your company’s data lifecycle from creation, permanent storage or destruction.

We can help your organization successfully implement an ECM practice, from deliver the hardware to scan documents, storage servers, client workstations, among others. Software to manage electronic documents, along with content creation and collaboration, to providing consulting services and tech support.

From small companies to medium and large organizations, you will have peace of mind of an efficiently and secure implemented ECM solution, thus within your company Data will be accessed in a format that is useful, when they need it to the right and authorized people.

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Our professional engineers will help you troubleshoot problems or provide guidance of all your computers, laptops, workstation or electronic gadgets, to minimize down time. Either by phone, instant messaging, email, remote connection or on-site you’ll get the answers you need.

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Multimedia & Graphic designs help to enhance user visual experience, achieved by using appealing graphics, text, animations, sounds and video in a more effective way, thus, can be used as a highly effective communications tool to reach target audience.

Some of the solutions that we offer:

Digital Graphic Design: Advertising, Editorial, Corporate Identity, Signage, Graphic design packaging, Multimedia, Digital Animation, Photography, Video and Audio.

Flash animations: Websites, templates, presentations, custom animation.

Virtual Tour: Makes your location lively on your Website or presentation.

Many industries use it as their major winner, such as: Car Dealers, Conference centers, Health Spa’s, Hotels, Interior / Garden designers, Manufacturing companies, Real estate agents, Shopping malls, Universities, among others.

About Us

Our company was established in the late 2007, starting full operations in 2008. We are commited to provide IT solutions focusing on medium to large companies..

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